Wolf Hunting


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The Canadian Wolf Hunting Experience of a Lifetime

Wolf Hunting

We have experienced and passionate wolf hunting guides who will take you through scouted land to where the most game is. We concentrate on a 35-mile area where the big bush country yields to farmland and timber cuts, providing huge expanses of country to hunt in.

Our Canadian wolf hunts are challenging quests for one of the smartest game animals in North America, and promise a chance for an extremely rare trophy. Wolf hunting is done from heated blinds/stands overlooking natural baits, or covering ground calling/howling natural wolf sounds and predator calls in remote areas of government land and on our 8,000 acres of private deer leases. Be prepared for long-range shooting of 100-400 yards.

We have a limited number of hunts available each year because of a high repeat clientele, so please book your trip early. Some of our hunters have been with us each year since we started and over 60% of our bookings come from past guests or referrals. Even guests who did not make a kill on their first hunt with us rebook after experiencing the quality of our operation and seeing the potential for a trophy.

Why Hunt Trophy Wolf at Andy Myers Lodge?

The Province of Ontario decided in 2005 to carefully manage and protect its wolves. As a result, wolf populations today are at historically healthy levels. These are some of the wildest game animals you can target, but with our experienced guides, access to prime wolf habitat, and careful preparation of blinds and natural baits, your chances have never been better.

You will want to bring your best-hunting instincts, patience, and get dialed in with your rifle for accurate long-range shooting in the cold. Wolves rarely make a mistake, making stealth and scent-lock clothing absolute essentials. The hunt runs from December 15th through March 1st, so come prepared for winter weather in Canada. You can’t hunt effectively if you are just trying to survive the day.

Once back at camp, our new 4-season lodge and fully winterized cabins mean that you will stay and eat in style during your Canadian wolf hunting adventure. Check out our deer hunting page for a complete list of paperwork and gear needed for your wolf hunt.

You can also combine a wolf hunt with a trophy deer hunt from December 1st through 15th, or add an ice fishing adventure to your hunt.

Trophy Wolf Hunting

Come join us from the beginning of December through the end of February in a quest for one of the most elusive animals you can target. In early December, we offer the option to combine your wolf hunt with a trophy deer hunt, and later in the season, you can add an ice fishing adventure to your hunt. Call us for details and dates.

Details :

Our Trophy Wolf Hunting Includes: 

  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Maid service
  • Guides (one guide for every 1-2 hunters)
  • Transportation
  • Naturally baited stands and blinds
  • Care of game

Plan Rates :

  • 5 days / 6 nights
    $3500.00 USD per person

License/Tag not included. Export Tag approximately $35.00 USD.

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