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Lake Trout Fishing on Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout at Andy Myers Lodge grow to massive size and put up the kind of fight you might expect from an ocean fish. With more than a quarter of the planet’s lake trout population in Ontario, Canada, we are in the right zone, and Eagle Lake provides the ideal habitat for your lake trout fishing trip.

Unforgettable Lake Trout Fishing in Ontario, Canada

To grow big, trout need complex shallow structures for spawning, a large forage base, and deep, cold water for the summer months. Eagle Lake provides everything they need and Andy Myers Lodge is perfectly located near their spawning grounds and between the two deepest trout holes in the entire, enormous lake: the Western Arm; and Portage Bay. And since all this trout habitat is in the glorious Canadian wilderness, it is the perfect setting for lake trout fishing. Trophies over 20 pounds are routine, and you can easily limit on perfect, eating-size trout.

Andy Myers Lodge also has boats on numerous remote lakes that are filled with lake trout. To experience real Canadian wilderness, ask us about a Fly-In or 4-Wheel drive adventure or a portage to beautiful Buzzard Lake. For a special treat, take a wildlife-filled scenic cruise up a winding creek to Clearwater Lake. We can work with you to design the lake trout fishing trip in Canada that you have dreamed about.

Lake Trout Fishing Season

During the winter and spring, large areas of Eagle Lake have cold enough water to support lake trout. Beautiful fish can be caught near the camp in shallow water, opening the possibility for fly fishermen to have an ecstatic experience here in the spring.

The first warming of summer, though, sends them into the deepest parts of the lake seeking the cold water they prefer. In the depths, they cruise rocky shorelines and points, or narrow areas of current, looking for schools of baitfish. The warmer it gets, the deeper they go, requiring special knowledge and techniques to get baits down to them. If you want to target them at this time of year, you really need one of the pro guides at Andy Myers Lodge to teach you about summer lake trout fishing.

Trout spawn in the fall, so they are looking to move to shallow structures as soon as the water gets down to about 50 degrees. To protect them, the Lake Trout season closes on September 30 and reopens again on January 1st, when the ice fishing is world class. If the water temperature drops before the fall season closes, you can experience fantastic shallow water casting with numerous fish chasing your lures, flashing and darting until you hook up. It is the kind of peak fishing experience we can show you at Andy Myers Lodge, so contact us today to book your lake trout fishing trip in Canada!

Multi-Species Week

Not many anglers can show up at a lake as big and complex as Eagle Lake and just go out cold and successfully target any species they feel like catching, but Ron Barefield and John Stone aren’t just any anglers. If you have fantasized about catching an Eagle Lake grand slam during your trip or want to learn to read the water and structure and understand the fish better, then you need to meet these guys. They can take your fishing education to the next level!

Details :

Ron Barefield has more than 40-years of experience as one of the top tournament pros and fishing guides in the mid-west. He is a Multi-Species expert and one of the most thoughtful outdoor educators and writers in the country. John Stone is a representative of G Loomis and Shimano. Together, these fishing buddies are a powerhouse of experience and knowledge.

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