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Canadian Fishing and Hunting Lodge

Andy Myers Lodge

Eagle Lake in northwest Ontario is a prime destination for serious fishermen in North America, and legendary Andy Myers Lodge is the perfect location for fishing accommodations on this beautiful and pristine lake. Tucked away on a quiet bay, but within easy reach of both the highway and airport, Andy Myers Fishing and Hunting Lodge has hosted world-class sportsmen for 70 years. They make the pilgrimage every year to experience a unique kind of adventure.

What is a Canadian Fishing Trip Really Like?

Imagine yourself in a trim little fishing boat far out among the endless bays and islands of a gorgeous Canadian lake. Your child, or your best friend, is sharing the adventure with you, casting for the legendary muskellunge off the tip of an island whose windswept trees would make a Japanese landscape artist jealous. Looking up to follow the flight of an eagle, you get distracted by the vast display of clouds and evening light that makes Ontario’s Sunset Country famous. And then you look back into the dark water just in time to see a fish so large it scares you eat your lure right at the boat side. An instinctive hookset causes the beast to launch itself up out of the water, soaking you with the shaking of its huge head until the bait flies out of its open mouth and over your shoulder. The fish completes a cartwheel, crashes back into the lake, and is gone, leaving a stunned silence in the boat. There is little need for talk as you stow gear and navigate the moonlit ride back to the welcoming lights of camp, but later, sitting around the fireplace in the lodge, you discover that nearly everybody has similarly vivid and wild stories to share. When your head hits the pillow back in your snug cabin, you realize that you have never been more anxious for the next morning when you can try again. These are the memories that last a lifetime, bonding friends, and changing the lives of many people lucky enough to experience them.

If you have always fantasized about a Canadian fishing trip, you owe it to yourself to book a visit to historic Andy Myers Lodge on beautiful Eagle Lake in northwest Ontario.

Eagle Lake in Ontario, Canada the ideal destination for fishing adventures.

The star of the show in a Northwoods fishing adventure is the lake itself and you couldn’t choose a more glorious destination than Eagle Lake. It is one of only a few lakes where you can catch all five species of the great Northwoods gamefish in both numbers and trophy sizes. Walleye, northern pike, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and muskellunge are abundant and many anglers catch the fish of a lifetime during their trip. Look at the fishing pictures posted here to see the proof. Target your favorite or catch them all.

In addition to fishing, there are other key reasons to choose Eagle Lake. Universally recognized as among the most beautiful of all lakes, Eagle Lake is immense at 68,000 acres, yet it is also intimate, mixing stretches of big open water with maze-like collections of islands and bays. Some Canadian lakes are almost oceanic, meaning that when the wind blows and the waves rise, your fishing becomes difficult or dangerous, but Eagle Lake offers so many channels and protected areas that you can fish successfully during the most challenging weather. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of that when your long-anticipated trip is at stake. The different sections of Eagle Lake also offer extreme variation in water color, from crystal clear to deeply tea-stained, allowing you to fish the kind of water you prefer, or select the place where the fish are biting best. You really couldn’t find a more magnificent setting for your Canadian fishing adventure.

Historic Andy Myers Fishing and Hunting Lodge is now better than ever.

Until the late 1930s, Vermilion Bay, Ontario was just a construction and mining camp on the Canadian Pacific Railway. But, in 1939, construction of the Trans-Canada Highway gave pioneer Andy Myers the bold idea to create a tourist camp by cutting a road through the forest to a high spot above what would become Myers Bay on Eagle Lake. The lodge, one of the first in the region, fronted on an untouched fishing paradise and, the very next year, Edward Walden went out from the new camp and caught a 61.9-pound musky that held the Canadian record for 48 years. The pattern was set, and Andy Myers Lodge became the place for serious anglers.

Later in the season, the lodge also attracts hunters, who come seeking trophy whitetail deer, waterfowl, and wolves. You can also combine your hunting and fishing adventures to experience the best of both worlds. This is the top location for hunters in Canada.

Today, owners Julian and Nicky Kalka are investing substantially in improving every aspect of the legendary camp. They are replacing and modernizing the accommodations so that you stay in cozy, climate-controlled cabins within feet of the lake. There is a new 7,000 square foot main lodge where hearty meals are served and friendships forged around the fireplace and large screen TV. You can get that warm jacket or special bait in the lodge tackle shop.

Other investments are even more important to your successful trip. Andy Myers Lodge has the best fleet of boats in the business—fast, seaworthy, and equipped with live wells, trolling motors, and depth-finders, all features that are critical on big, demanding water. And the best boats of all belong to the professional guides at the lodge. This crew is the most experienced group in the region and they, like all the staff at the lodge, are completely dedicated to making sure that you have the trip of your dreams.

Customize your trip with our Packages and Special Weeks

Everybody’s ideal trip is unique and our packages can be customized to meet your requirements. Do you prefer the economy and freedom of a housekeeping cabin where you provide your own meals and set your own schedule? No problem with our Housekeeping Packages. Or do want professional guides to lead you to the fish, prepare a memorable shore lunch on the lake, and then bring you to camp in time to eat the hearty meals in the lodge? Again, easily arranged with the Full American Plan. We take guests on 4-wheel and floatplane adventures to remote lakes where the fish rarely see a boat. And, as the fishing changes throughout the season, we offer guest instructors and special weeks from the season openers to the fall musky hunt.