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Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Many top anglers target smallmouth bass because they fight harder, pound for pound, than almost any other freshwater fish. On light gear you will truly have your hands full! Smallmouth bass fishing is even more satisfying because you have to know what you are doing to find them, but once you do, they are aggressive, big, and plentiful at Andy Myers Lodge.

Eagle Lake, Ontario Might Have The World’s Best Smallmouth Bass Fishery

These smart bruisers grow to exceptional sizes in Eagle Lake, Ontario, with its clean Canadian Shield water, endlessly varied structure, and diverse forage base. It is not unusual to catch trophy smallmouth bass over 6 pounds as well as extraordinary numbers of big fish along the lake’s 400-mile shoreline and among its 490 beautiful islands. This is as good as smallmouth bass fishing gets, with huge numbers of fish congregating where conditions are just right. The trick is finding them. That’s why the guides at Andy Myers Lodge are invaluable teachers. They understand the seasonal movements of the bass and can make all the difference in the success of your smallmouth bass fishing trip in Canada.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Season

Bass spawn in late May and early June, soon after the season opens the third Saturday in May. They are concentrated in and near shallow spawning bays with a mix of sand, rubble rock, and weeds, and since they are in mating pairs or groups, you can often catch multiple big fish in a row. Check out our Bass, Walleye, and Muskie Opener Special Week with pro instructor and Sportsman of the Year Tony Puccio, Joe Puccio, and the Bait Rigs Team.

With the warming water of summer, the smallmouth bass hunt the shorelines in search of schools of baitfish and crayfish. Look for them in areas of complex structure that feature broken rock, downed trees, and mixed vegetation. They will slide to the shady side of structures on hot, sunny days. The schools are looser at this time of year, but Eagle Lake provides endless perfect habitat to make your smallmouth bass trip to Ontario a success.

In the fall, the smallmouth bass drop down to deeper humps in the lake where they can feed heavily on minnows in preparation for winter. This is perhaps the best smallmouth bass fishery anywhere. You can catch bass in sizes and numbers that are simply not possible elsewhere. TV personalities and instructors John Gillespie and Pete Maina will be here filming the Waters and Woods TV show and sharing tips with guests during our Walleye, Muskie, and Bass week. To get in on all the action, contact Andy Myers Lodge today to book your smallmouth bass trip in Canada!

Bass, Walleye & Muskie Opener

Join Tony Puccio and The Bait Rigs Team for springtime fishing for big, aggressive smallmouth bass, shallow water walleye, and hungry muskies ready to rumble after the winter and the spawn. Learn innovative early-season techniques from one of the best!

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Tony Puccio is the owner of Serious Walleye Guide Service and co-owner of Bait Rigs tackle. He is a multi-faceted guide and touring pro on the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail and the Pro Team Walleye Circuit. With over 125 tournaments fished, Tony is an accomplished bass, walleye, and muskie fisherman and fishing tackle designer.

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Walleye, Muskie & Bass Week

Each fall John Gillespie brings the crew of his popular Waters and Woods TV show to Andy Myers Lodge along with musky expert Pete Maina. These guys have been producing weekly shows for over 1,400 episodes without airing a repeat, and their Eagle Lake hunt for big walleye, smallmouth bass, and trophy muskies is a highlight of the year. They are a gregarious and hilarious presence in camp. Join them if you dare!

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One of the nation’s most popular TV hosts will be filming the exciting TV series John Gillespie’s Waters & Woods. For nearly three decades, John’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport have been unmatched in the fishing industry!

Pete Maina is North America’s number one authority on muskie and pike fishing. He is an entrepreneur, an accomplished author, photographer, and speaker.

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