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Northern Pike Fishing on Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

Northern Pike Fishing

If it’s a fight you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! Nothing quite matches the reckless abandon of a northern pike striking a lure. Three hundred years ago, Isaac Walton wrote in The Compleat Angler that pike hunt like wolves, and there is no better place to find packs of these apex predators than at Andy Myers Lodge.

World Class Northern Pike Fishing Trips

The tackle-busting northern pike sits atop the freshwater food chain and is right at home in Eagle Lake, Ontario. The lake provides the shallow spawning bays, baitfish-covered reefs and humps, and the deep, cool waters that grow the biggest pike. Thanks to a quarter-century of a protective slot limit, the pike population is healthy and trophy fish over 20 pounds and 42 inches abound in the lake.

Andy Myers Lodge is in the center of the action, nestled on a large pike spawning bay and close to the two deepest areas of the lake where the pike spend their summers, so it is the perfect setting for your northern pike fishing trip in Canada. As an added bonus, the pike here sometimes naturally spawn with muskies to produce the rare and spectacular tiger muskie. Catching one of these beauties is a great thrill in Northwoods angling.

Pike Fishing Season

Pike prefer cooler water, moving into shallow bays to spawn as soon as the ice goes out. They remain on shallow structures until the water temperatures reach 60 degrees later in June when they head for deeper water. This makes the early season one of the best times for trophy northern pike fishing in Ontario. Even when the main lake warms up, we have remote, deep lakes that stay cool for several more weeks, extending your chance to hook a beast in shallow water. Ask us about our Fly-Ins and 4-Wheel Drive adventures.

As the temperatures rise in summer, you will still find small and medium-sized pike on shallow structures, but the biggest fish will seek cooler water in the depths. You need to get jigs, countdown lures, or live baits down to them or deep troll the edges of structures along the main lake basin. This is the kind of northern pike fishing where you will greatly benefit from the experience of our professional guides. Check out our Multi-Species Special Week when tournament pros and instructors John Stone and Ron Barefield will be in camp to share their remarkable expertise about catching all the trophy gamefish Ontario, Canada has to offer.

Late September through October is the ultimate time to catch trophy pike. The colder water of fall brings them to the edges of shallow structures pursuing baitfish schools to fatten up before the approaching winter. They reach their largest sizes of the year and they are easy to locate and catch with live bait or trolling methods. Trophy northern pike fishing in the fall can be insane on Eagle Lake.

With intense action throughout the season, the perfect location on Eagle Lake, and the comfortable accommodations of four-season cabins, our calendar fills up fast at Andy Myers Lodge. Contact us today to book the northern pike fishing trip of your dreams!

Multi-Species Week

Not many anglers can show up at a lake as big and complex as Eagle Lake and just go out cold and successfully target any species they feel like catching, but Ron Barefield and John Stone aren’t just any anglers. If you have fantasized about catching an Eagle Lake grand slam during your trip or want to learn to read the water and structure and understand the fish better, then you need to meet these guys. They can take your fishing education to the next level!

Details :

Ron Barefield has more than 40-years of experience as one of the top tournament pros and fishing guides in the mid-west. He is a Multi-Species expert and one of the most thoughtful outdoor educators and writers in the country. John Stone is a representative of G Loomis and Shimano. Together, these fishing buddies are a powerhouse of experience and knowledge.

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Daily Fly-Ins

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Experience a daily fly-in for a midweek adventure. You will be picked up at our dock after an early breakfast by experienced pilots for a 30-70 mile flight to your own lake for the day. There, you will find boats, motors, and gas. We will outfit you with detailed maps, updated information about the lake, and all the equipment, including locators. Just let us know which species you want to catch and we will get you to a place where you will return to the lodge at day’s end with sore arms from reeling them in.

Plan Rates :

$325.00 USD – $400.00 USD per person

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Check-In and Deposits

Saturday Check-In: 3:00 PM with a 9:00 PM Check-Out. 4-5 day packages: Check-In Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

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  • All prices in USD.
  • Taxes are extra
  • No refunds for early departures
  • Gas and bait allocated in packages are deducted from all usage including guide dates.
  • Guests are responsible for damage to boats, motors, and equipment. An optional insurance policy is available.
  • $200.00 USD deposit per person, per reservation.
  • $50.00 USD deposit for Guide Dates and Fly-Ins.
  • $600.00 USD deposit per person for hunts. Balance paid by October 1st.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and may be used at a later date of the same season or transferred to a new party booking of the same season. Deposit may be transferred to the following year if we can rebook your previous booking.

We reserve the right to add surcharges due to dramatic increases in supply prices or exchange rates.

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  • MasterCard, VISA, Traveler’s Checks, Cash or Certified Checks for final payment accepted.
  • Personal Checks accepted upon prior arrangement.
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