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Deer • Duck • Goose • Grouse • Wolf

Hunting Trips in Canada

The forests, meadows, and wetlands surrounding Eagle Lake, Ontario offer some of the most exciting hunting in Canada.

The diverse habitats near Andy Myers Lodge are home to abundant populations of deer and waterfowl, and also harbor wolves. Whether you are a first-time hunter or an old hand, here at Andy Myers Lodge we pride ourselves on offering the best hunting in Canada and we cater to every hunter's needs and abilities. If you're looking for a trophy whitetail deer, vast flocks of ducks and geese, or the challenge of a wolf, Andy Myers Lodge is the top spot for hunting in Ontario, Canada.

Experience Exceptional Canadian Hunting

Successful hunts in the complex country where the dense forests of the Canadian Shield open into agricultural lands and logging cuts require the careful preparation of experienced guides. The pros at Andy Myers Lodge are constantly scouting, looking for new setups, baiting and resetting stands, laying the groundwork for your dream hunt.

Nearly all of our deer hunters have opportunities to take quality animals. Many of our repeat customers pass on bucks that most hunters would kill, looking for a giant. This is the region, after all, that produced the Ontario record whitetail, the Dryden Buck. Though this magnificent animal was illegally shot after dark, he shows the potential of the genetics and habitat in our area.

For those who prefer waterfowl, the duck and goose hunting early in the season are as good as it gets. And northwest Ontario also offers the rare chance to match wits with elusive wolves. This is the place to be if you are hunting in Canada.

Ontario Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting

Our deer hunts are scheduled around the peak of the rut in our area to give you the highest percentage chances.

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Duck, Goose, and Grouse Hunting

Andy Myers Lodge area offers a tremendous population of ducks and geese early in the season.

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Wolf Hunts

For those looking for a challenging hunt of one of the smartest game animals in North America.

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