Eagle Lake Muskies

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Bill Hedden - Eagle Lake Muskies

Bill Hedden is a frequent guest at Andy Myers Lodge where he chases big muskies with single-minded fascination. He has been an avid fisherman for 64 years, fishing all over the world for the great gamefish, and now, in his senility (which the guides at the lodge will happily point out), he has largely focused on the muskies of Eagle Lake. There are other places to seek trophy muskies, but none more beautiful than Eagle Lake. The lake also has another attraction for muskie anglers: generally, the other trophy muskie waters are immense, meaning that most of the fishing is trolling, while Eagle Lake’s complex structure allows, even encourages, the fisherman to cast for them, and that is more appealing for these fish than for almost any other species because of the unique way muskies follow baits all the way to the boat without eating them. Hooking a big muskie with 18 inches of line out the end of your rod is a challenge and thrill unlike anything else in freshwater fishing. There is no other place that offers a better chance to catch a record-class muskie casting a bait, and that is the best way by far. Hedden is writing a book for his grown daughters, trying to explain to them, and to himself, why he has spent so much time fishing. The story attached here is a chapter from that book that tells about muskie fishing on Eagle Lake. Enjoy!

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