Eagle Lake Ontario Canada Fishing and Hunting Vacation Trip at Andy Myers Lodge
Eagle Lake Ontario Canada Fishing and Hunting Vacation Trip at Andy Myers Lodge
Eagle Lake Ontario Canada Fishing and Hunting Vacation Trips at Andy Myers Lodge Resort and Canadian Fishing Camp
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Eagle Lake Ontario Canada Fishing and Hunting Vacation Trips at Andy Myers Lodge Resort and Canadian Fishing Camp
Eagle Lake Ontario Canada Fishing and Hunting Vacation Trip at Andy Myers Lodge

Andy Myers Lodge
Canada Fishing & Hunting Vacation Trips
on beautiful Eagle Lake in Ontario, Canada

Trophy Deer Hunting & Guided Trophy Deer Hunts near Eagle Lake Ontario, Canada at Andy Myers Lodge Whitetail Outfitters


Andy Myers Lodge has become recognized as a leader in trophy, guided whitetail deer hunts in Northwest Ontario. We would like to invite you to experience some of the finest and overlooked whitetail deer hunting in Canada. We offer a high quality, affordable hunt within a day or so driving distance for most hunters and an excellent chance at bagging that trophy whitetail deer you've been dreaming about.


Our guides are constantly scouting looking for new setups, baiting and resetting stands, always looking for something new and hot to put you on.

Our areas are becoming over populated with deer, turkey and other animals, which makes for great hunting for the outdoorsmen. Whether you are a first time hunter or an experienced hunter, here at Andy Myers Lodge we have the best Ontario hunting vacations in Canada and we cater to every hunter's needs and abilities.

We have an average as high as 80% kill and as low as 40% depending on the quality of hunters and their goals, the weather, moon phases and plain old luck (lots of our repeat customers are passing on bucks most hunters would kill (we could have 90%-100% kill if we did not impose min. to insure quality hunts).

Our deer hunts are scheduled around the peak of the rut in our area to give you the highest percentage chances. We have given our hunters outstanding opportunities at trophy deer but feel with the past 3 mild winters, predictions of the same for this year, and large number's of medium sized bucks sighted and coming up because of it besides the 3 1/2- 6 1/2 year old trophies already present, the best is yet to come in the next few years.


We have experienced and passionate hunting guides who will take you through scouted land to where the most game is. We hunt a 35 mile area where the the big bush country yields to farmlands and timber cuts providing huge expanses of country to hunt in. This is an area well known for it's big whitetails by the locals and only just opened to nonresident hunters in recent years.

Our Ontario guided hunting vacations take place in our approximately 8000 acres plus private land along with approximately 25,000 acres of remote government land. We hope to hunt over hundreds of thousands more that are available that we are currently scouting.

While some stands will be overlooking fields or cuts and could require long range shooting most stands are situated in the bush with shots average 40-100 yards to maximize contact during the bucks daytime movements. Lots of our bucks are shot from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


This not a canned, fenced or guaranteed hunt. You will earn your trophy and we expect you to hunt as hard and diligently as we work to put you on them. We like to book true hunters who realize that they are here for a trophy but also measure the quality and experience of a hunt by more than just the kill. Come with this attitude and you will not be disappointed.

For each hunting trip you will be provided with 1 or 2 guides and you'll be given the best information on how we do our hunting and the most effective way to hunt the game. We don't want you to waste anytime with us so we make sure each of our hunters are fully prepared for the hunt ahead. Our Eagle Lake guided hunting vacations cannot be compared to any other hunting experience you've ever had, we are truly one of a kind.

Hunting strategy is discussed and stands picked according to wind, weather and recent sign for the hunt. Some stands you are taken to by ATV, some by 4WD truck then ATV, some 4WD truck and or ATV then a short walk and some require a long walk in after a drive. Your capabilities and wishes will be discussed beforehand. We hunt from dawn till dark out of ground blinds, 12-16 foot ladder stands and some portable lock-in stands situated along key runways, scrapes, travel corridors and feeding areas.

We also have portable blinds that can cover stands and can be heated if the weather gets to cold. Most stands will also be baited to keep does in the area, this keeps the bucks competitive, coming in from other areas constantly checking for does in estrus and very receptive to calls and rattling.

Your guide will check on you at noon by radio, if you shot or killed a buck he will track and or retrieve your game and transport you to camp for congratulations, field dressing, pictures and care of your game. If not he will be scouting, setting and baiting stands (as he did in the a.m.) till he comes to check on you and pick you up at dark to take you back to the lodge for a another great meal (you will not go home having lost weight) and a recap of the days hunt. After that it's back to your room complete with twin beds, hot showers, phone and color TV for a good nights sleep cause 4:00 a.m. will come again soon enough.


  • License or hunters safety card proving past hunting experience we can keep or photocopy or license cannot be issued. No exceptions, it is the law - IMPORTANT!
  • WARM CLOTHING, HAT AND BOOTS, layered clothing and felt lined boots are essential. Do not under estimate needs, you will be on stand from daylight till dark with average temperatures from 30 degrees to -20 degrees. The colder the weather the more big deer we will kill so come prepared to stick it out, if you are just trying to survive the day you will not kill many bucks.
  • 50% non-camo blaze orange jacket or vest and hat - IMPORTANT!
  • Backpack to carry clothing into stands to prevent sweating.
  • Weapon of at least .25 caliber for rifles with a good partition style bullet (we would prefer you use .270 to .300 caliber, these are tough, big bodied animals that can absorb and take a punch). For muzzle loaders we recommend .50 caliber (scopes and in-lines are legal) and 50# bows or 150# crossbows (legal).
  • Personal safety strap - IMPORTANT!
  • Small portable propane heater if you want one in your blind and hand warmers.
  • If you have a climber or strap in stand bring it if you desire, sometimes we find a hot setup while scouting we may want to stick you in the next day before light rather than going back in again to set a stand to minimize human scent and activity.
  • If you smoke, bring along a nicotine substitute to get you through the day, no smoking allowed on stands - IMPORTANT!
  • Scent free bag for hunting clothing during transportation, meals, and lodging.
  • Scent eliminators are advised, (scent shields etc., but scent lock suits are excellent because our wind directions can shift several times a day or at mid day) but do not use scents either sex or cover up without guides consent.
  • Grunt Call.
  • Soft case for transporting weapon to and from stands during darkness hours - IMPORTANT!



Bow - Muzzleloader - Rifle Hunts

October 17 - 23 - $2950.00 USD

October 24 - 30 - $2950.00 USD

Oct 31 - Nov 6 - $3050.00 USD
5 days / 6 nights - Maximum 8-13 Hunters

November 7 - 13 - $ 3050.00 USD
5 days / 6 nights - Maximum 8-13 Hunters

November 14 - 20 - $3050.00 USD
5 days / 6 nights - Maximum 8-13 Hunters

Please Note: Incidental wolf kill is no charge during deer hunt with possession of non-resident wolg tag / small game license. Grouse and fox hunting also available if early kill.

Excellent trophy potential. 13 person maximum per week. This is a quality hunt at an affordable price. Call for references. Limited openings available for the season. High return rates. (Fishing or small game hunting available if early tag fill.)

  • All accommodations with delicious home cooked meals.
  • One experienced professional guide per two hunters.
  • Scouted and proven stand sites. Baited stands available.
  • Hunting private, leased and remote government land.
  • Shooter bucks average 120 - 176 B&C (8 points to the ears minimum.)
  • Hunters enjoyed a 95% opportunity with 75% kill if 8 points outside the ears or better.
  • 18 years experience outfitting

All hunts arrive on Friday PM - Hunt Saturday through Wednesday - Depart Thursday AM

  • Extra Days - $275.00 USD per day.
  • Export Tag Extra.
  • Baited stands if desired included.
  • All transportation in the field included.
  • Qualified, professional guide services included - 1 per 2 hunters.
  • Meals and Lodging included.
  • Butchering, packaging, freezing can be handled in town for a very nominal fee if you so desire, most take game home whole unless weather is warm.
  • If you fly arrangements, airport pickup and drop-off can be handled for you.


Ontario Canada Wolf Hunts
Wolf Hunts - $1899.00 USD
Licence/Tag not included
(Export Tag approximately $35 USD)

5 days - 6 nights
December 15 - March 1
1-2 hunters per hunt/guide

Please Note: Wolf Hunts may be combined with a Winter Ice Fishing Combo Package or this can also be done as a Combo Trophy Deer 2nd Rut Hunt/Wolf Hunt from December 1-15. This an excellent opportunity at both animals -- please inquire for details.

Includes: Accomodations, guides, all transportation, equipment, naturally baited stands/blinds and care of game.

An extremely rare trophy for most hunters and a challenging hunt for one of the smartest game animals in North America. Hunting is done in heated blinds/stands overlooking natural baits and covering ground calling/howling natural wolf sounds and predator calls (moose calf, deer fawn, wolf pup, fox pup, ravans, etc...) in remote areas and deer leases.

The Wolf population is currently at an all time high coinciding with a high deer population. Nows the time to take advantage of a peak. It is a challenging hunt with a high opportunity of success. Be prepared for long range shooting 100-400 yards.


  • All funds in U.S. dollars.
  • $600.00 USD deposit to hold booking, additional $600.00 by September 1, balance paid October 1 for deer hunts. January 1 for wolf hunt, no personal checks except for deposits.
  • Deposits will be refunded in full if for some reason we have to cancel hunt. If you must cancel deposits are nonrefundable but may be transferred during same year to another replacement or to the following year if we are able to rebook your slot in time availability. It is best to give us a call at 1-888-727-5865.
  • We have a limited number of hunts available each year because of a high repeat clientele, so please book your trip early. Some of our hunters have been with us each year since we started and over 60% of our bookings come from past guests or referrals.
  • A testimonial to the quality of our hunts is the amount of repeat business from not only successful guests, but those who didn't even make a kill on their first hunt with us. These hunters saw the quality of the operation, effort given and potential for a trophy thus returning again the next season.

Some of our guests have traveled to other areas of the U.S. and Canada, paid much more for whitetail deer hunts and returned to us after realizing the value and quality of our hunts. Our goal and pledge is to improve on them every year. Plenty of references available upon written or e-mail request.

If we can ever be of any assistance, answer any question
or if you need more information please feel free to contact us anytime
at 1-888-727-5865 or email us at: info@andymyerslodge.com

Please Feel Free To Contact Us Anytime At:
Box 58
Vermilion Bay
Ontario, Canada POV 2VO
Phone: (807) 227-2610
Fax: (807) 227-5353
Toll Free: 1-888-727-5865
Box 1, Site 302
684 McGogy Rd RR3
Dryden, ON P8N 3G2
Phone: (807) 937-1626
Cell: (807) 220-1866
Toll Free: 1-888-727-5865
Eagle Lake Ontario Canada Fishing and Hunting Vacation Trip at Andy Myers Lodge

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