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About Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Eagle Lake Ontario Canada

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Copper Thunder! Smallmouth Bass are a highly prized target of bass anglers because of their hard, aggressive personalities. Many claim that pound-for-pound they are the hardest fighting fish in Eagle Lake. Andy Myers Lodge is the premier destination for Smallmouth Bass fishing.

With a C/R season in place until July 1st to protect the vulnerable spawning fish from harvesting and with most anglers practicing total C/R all season, the population of this species has exploded in the past 10 yrs. With one of the largest average sizes of Smallmouth bass, many bass fishermen are secretly targeting Eagle Lake! One of the best spawning sites and early season hot spots is right in Myer’s Bay, within site of the dock. Some of the best areas to try from the end of May through late June, are bays with south and east exposure to the sun.  This results in the first warming water of the season. Look for the characteristics of a sand or mud marbled bottom, some small boulders and broken rock, drowned logs, and reeds. Presentations start with plastics like Texas rigged flukes as jerk baits, tubes, ring worms rigged, drop shotted, or on jigs and seikos that are wacky rigged, jigs and grubs, etc., x-raps, pop-r and tiny torpedo, 3/8-1/2 oz. spinnerbaits. When all else fails, drop shot a live leech or minnow. In July and August bass will scatter and use the broken rock shorelines to target crawfish.  They can also be found in tapering points leading to deep water and nearby humps where crawdad cranks, shad raps, jigs with grubs or crawdads, drop shotted finesse worms, and rattle traps will be effective. However, they will also move back into thick reed beds full of young perch and minnows.  Here, weedless plastic presentations are the go-to. Once the water temperature starts to drop below 60F, bass will bunch up on 12-24’ basin humps in preparation for late fall and winter. This is some of the most overlooked big bass fishing of the season. Plastics on drop shots and jigs will catch fish but the best presentation for these heavy-feeding fish is a big live sucker of 3-5” on a 3/8 oz. lindy/Carolina rig or a 1/8-1/4 oz. Odd Ball jig.

These fish are typically schooled up in high numbers, are aggressive, and have an average size of 16-22”. They will remain in the same spots you found them in during the fall months through the winter and into spring, until the water warms above 45-55°F.  So, if you arrive on a cold spring day and the bass aren’t shallow yet, just go to the fall spots and they will be there.

Smallmouth Bass Tackle & Equipment

For finesse fishing use plastics, drop shotting, topwaters, small cranks, and livebaiting with a spinning rod of 6’6”-7’ in medium lite with a 1000-2000 size spinning reel.  Combine with an 8# mono or 15-20# braid and a 10# floro leader. For power fishing, use spinner baits, bigger cranks, rattle traps, jigs / plastics, and jerkbaits in cover like weeds, reeds, logs, and downed trees.  Combine with a 7’ medium casting outfit with 30-40# braid and 12-15# floro leader.

Bass, Walleye & Musky Opener

Tony & Joe Puccio & The Bait Rigs Team: July 2 - August 6

Details :

Walleye tournament pros, championship qualifier, only angler to be Sportsman of the Year, in both Pro Walleye Circuits, tackle designer and fishing instructors.

Plan Rates :

To learn more about the availability, dates, and pricing for these weeks, please contact us.

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Walleye, Musky & Bass Week

Featuring John Gillespie & Pete Maina. August 14 - 18 & October 22 - 26

Details :

One of the nation’s most popular TV hosts will be filming the exciting TV Series Waters & Woods. John’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport are unmatched in the fishing industry!

Pete Maina is North America’s number one authority on muskie and pike fishing. He is an entrepreneur, an accomplished author, photographer, and speaker.

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To learn more about the availability, dates, and pricing for these weeks, please contact us.

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Package Upgrade

PLEASE NOTE: PACKAGES 1 - 5 can be upgraded with an 18 ft. Lund Boat, New Yamaha 50HP 4 Stroke motor, locator, live well, padded swivel seats, casting deck with Bow mount trolling motor and storage compartments.

Details :

  • Single Pro-Staff Guide dates available upon request at current rate.
  • Any number of days may be pro-rated to fit your schedule and a package tailor made for you.
  • Also, kids under 5 come for free, kids under 10 get 50% off, and kids under 16 get 30% off.
  • All prices are quoted in USD.
  • Special rates available for larger groups!
  • Bring your own boat and enjoy free boat dockage, staff services, electric hookup, remote lake boat use all at no charge.

Plan Rates :

  • $325.00 USD
    Per week, per boat
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DAILY FLY-INS to one of over 28 Remote Lakes

Details :

Experience a mid-week fly-in for a change of pace and adventure. Get picked up after an early breakfast by experienced pilots and fly in a Beaver or Otter 30 to 70 miles to your own lake for the day. Lakes will have boats, motors, gas. You will be briefed and outfitted with detailed maps, and all equipment needed. You will be back in the comfort of your cabin and the lodge for supper. Walleyes, pike, bass, trout, muskies, just let us know what you want to fish for and we’ll get you there!

Plan Rates :

  • $280.00 – $325.00 USD
    per person
    (dependent on distance and # of guests flying)
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Check-In and Deposits

Saturday Check-In: 3 PM or Later 4-5 day packages: Check-In Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Details :

  • All prices in USD.
  • Taxes are extra, 1/2 refundable.
  • No refunds for early departures.
  • Gas and bait allocated in packages are deducted from all usage including guide dates.
  • Guests are responsible for damage to boats, motors, and equipment – optional insurance policy available.
  • $200.00 USD deposit per person, per reservation.
  • $50.00 USD deposit for Guide Dates and Fly-Ins.
  • $600.00 USD deposit per person for Hunts, $1000 USD by August 1st with the balance due upon arrival.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and may be used at a later date of the same season or transferred to new party booking of the same season. Deposit may be transferred to following year if we can rebook your previous booking.

We reserve the right to add surcharges due to dramatic increases in supply prices or exchange rates.

Plan Rates :

MasterCard, VISA, Traveler’s Checks, Cash or
Certified Checks for final payment accepted.
(Personal Checks accepted upon prior arrangement)

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