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About Lake Trout in Eagle Lake Ontario Canada

Lake Trout Fishing

While there are many lakes in the area containing lake trout, Eagle Lake boasts the biggest average size for lake trout fishing. Our fish routinely reach 15-20# and we’ve boated fish over 30# . The population is stable and strong and we encourage C/R on all trout over 6-8# . Andy Myers Lodge is situated between the two deep holes for warm water fishing on Eagle Lake: The Western Arm and Portage Bay.

In addition to the opportunities on Eagle Lake for lake trout fishing, there is access via short portages, creek travel by boat, and 4wd to other remote trout lakes. During winter and early spring, until water temperatures climb over 50°F, trout are scattered over much of Eagle Lake but are particularly concentrated in the northern half. Lakers can be caught within sight of camp. As the water warms, there is a gradual migration towards deep holes where the trout comfortably spend the warm water months. During this time, from ice-out to when water temperatures reach 55°F, lake trout roam and feed on the rocky shorelines, points, and in narrow areas where currents are created. Cruising depths range from 10-20’, whether on the edge of a structure or over deep water. During this time, long line trolling with inline planer boards paired with spoons such as Cleos, Sutton, and lil Wolfies are effective.  Use minnow baits such as Yozuris and Rapalas along with spinner rigs with sucker strips.  These typically boat the most fish while covering lots of area. By mid-June, when surface temperatures approach 60°F, the majority of the population will be found from Gilberts Stretch to Trout Hole #2 in the Western Arm as well as in Portage bay until after turnover in October.

Trolling is still very effective, but most so at deeper depths using down riggers and weighted 3 ways. Our preference are Off Shore snap weights that range from 4 to 8 oz. Generally, the best depths are 55-80’. Steep rock cliffs and drop offs, the edges of deep holes and over the top of deep humps are good places to start. Trout are not always bottom orientated, they will sometimes suspend at depths of about 55-65’. When you find them here they are usually feeding. Look for baitfish; where you find them will tell you what depth you should be fishing. Spoons, especially those 5/8 to ¾ Cleos, 4-6” silver Suttons, Forage Minnows, flutter spoons, Rattle Traps, cowbells with a spoon, minnow bait, or sucker strip, Rapalas, and Youzuris are effective. Jigging can be effective in the same areas as those you would troll as well as any time you find concentrated schools of fish. White ½- ¾ oz. tube jigs, big white or chart flukes, and Gulp on Owner jigs ½-1 oz., Kastmsters, Swedish Pimples, ¾-1 oz. white or chart jigs with 4-5” suckers or sucker fillet strips are standard offerings. Try drop shotting a #2 hook 24-30” above your jig or spoon and put on a 3-5” sucker strip fillet. Some days this will even out-produce the jig. If there’s Whitefish around, shorten the strip to 1 ½-2” for bonus catches. Head to the bottom, bounce it 4-5 times, lift it up 12-18” and then snap jig 7-8 times.  Then, reel up 5-6’ quickly.  Repeat this jig sequence until you get below the boat, then drop to the bottom and repeat. Using this method, you can catch fish at all depths, even those chasing baits up from deeper depths. You may even see them flash below the boat when they strike.

Trout are fall spawners and the season closes on Sept 30th. On those years when water temperatures drop to about 50°F before the close of the season, you’ll find some fantastic shallow water casting opportunities as the fish move up towards shallow reefs to spawn. Make long casts with spoons and crankbaits. Fish will be scattered and roaming in small groups by the tops of shallow reefs and the tapering shelves of rocky shorelines. When you time it right, multiple fish may chase the lures, flashing and darting until hook up. Sometimes you will actually be able to cast at rolling, splashing fish.

Lake Trout Fishing Tackle & Equipment

Trolling is much more efficient when you can replicate success. This means being able to put your baits at duplicate successful depths. Line counter reels like the Abu 6500 lc and Shimano Tekota lc filled with 12-14# floro, 30# braid, or Berkely Fireline are best.  Use a 4-6’ 14-17# Seagur floro leader and a 8-9’ m action rod like the St Croix’s Icon 8’6” medium 2 piece.  This is perfect for flat lining, snap weighting, three way rigging, dipsy diving, and in-line planer boards. If you don’t have line counters, simply use a level wind reel and count the number of passes of the pawl. For jigging, either casting equipment or spinning equipment will work. Fill reels with either braid or Fireline of 10-14# for sensitivity and good hook-sets in deeper water. Because of the clearness of the water, use a 4-6’ 12# floro leader with a good ball bearing snap. Pick a rod 6’-6’6” with a medium to medium heavy action, good back bone, and fast tip. Casting early in the season requires the long range approach. A long spool spinning reel filled with 10# Berkely Nano, a 4’ 10# floro leader with a ball bearing snap and a 7’6” medium action rod will put the baits far enough away so shallow, clear water fish aren’t spooked.

The American Plan

Details :

6 day / 7 night accommodations, 16′ Standard Lund boat, home cooked meals at breakfast and dinner plus your choice of shore lunch or picnic box for lunch, late model boats with new motors, 36 gallons of gas, daily dock and maid services, fish cleaning and packaging, use of boats and motors on 5 remote lakes at no charge, marked maps, seminars and daily updates.

Pick up after early breakfast, drop-off before late dinner right off the dock. Fly-In may be substituted for 4WD guided backcountry excursion to remote lake.

Plan Rates :

  • American Plan without Fly-in
    $1432.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $1321.00 USD  each – 3 per boat
  • American Plan without Fly-in – own boat
    $1294.00 USD each – 2 per own boat / $1233.00 USD each – 3 per own boat
  • American Plan with Fly-In
    $1651.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $1545.00 USD each – 3 per boat
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The Ultimate American Plan

Guided Packages include: 6 day / 7 night accommodations and all other American Plan amenities plus 1 day fly-in midweek to a remote lake, guide trips including shore lunch and 18 ft upgrade boat on guide trips and evenings.

Details :

Pick up after early breakfast, drop-off before late dinner right off the dock. Fly-In may be substituted for 4WD guided backcountry excursion to a remote lake.

  • All inclusive other than recreational drinks and personal snacks.
  • Home cooked meals breakfast & supper plus your choice of Shore lunch or Box lunch.
  • Daily cabin cleaning and towel/linen changes.
  • 36 Gal free gas (6 gallons per day).
  • 18 Hour Dock Services Fish Cleaning/Freezing/Processing
  • Unlimited Ice
  • Orientation/Seminars/Map Marking/Rap Sessions
  • 16ft Standard Lund boat with 25hp Mercury motor
  • Use of boat and motors on 5 remote lakes at N/C

Plan Rates :

  • Guided 3 days with Fly-In
    $2237.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $1968.00 USD each – 3 per boat
  • Guided 3 days without Fly-In
    $1984.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $1718.00 USD each – 3 per boat
  • Guided 5 days with Fly-In
    $2625.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $2203.00 USD each – 3 per boat
  • Guided 5 days without Fly-In
    $2358.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $2037.00 USD each – 3 per boat
  • Guided 6 days – NO Fly-In
    $2508.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $2070.00 USD each – 3 per boat

Sportsmans Combo Package

  • Guided 2 days on surrounding lakes.
    PLUS 1 day Fly-in.
    PLUS 4wd Guided Safari
    PLUS 18 ft. upgrade boat.
    $2399.00 USD each – 2 per boat / $2085.00 USD each – 3 per boat
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Short Stay Housekeeping

Details :

Accommodations and all other housekeeping amenities including: late model boats with new motors. 18 gallons of gas per boat, all towels, and linens, daily dock service, midweek maid service, use of boats and motors on 5 remote lakes at no charge, marked maps and seminars. Bring your own boat and enjoy free boat dockage and battery hook-up. (Single guide dates may be added at the current rate.)

Plan Rates :

  • 4 day / 5 night
    1-4 Persons:
    $825.00 USD each
    5 persons or more:
    $775.00 USD each
  • 5 day / 6 night
    1-4 Persons:
    $882.00 USD each
    5 persons or more:
    $835.00 USD each
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Multi-Species Week

Featuring Ron Barefield & John Stone.

Details :

40 years experience as one of the top tournament pros and instructors in the Mid-West. Multi-Species expert and of the top educators in the country. Outdoor Writer, TV Personality, Seminar Speaker.

Plan Rates :

To learn more about the availability, dates, and pricing for these weeks, please contact us.

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Short Stay American Plan

Details :

Includes accommodations and all other American Plan amenities, except fly-in which may be added. (Single guide dates may be added at current rate)

Plan Rates :

  • 4 day / 5 night
    $1070.00 USD each
  • 5 day / 6 night
    $1255.00 USD each


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Package Upgrade

PLEASE NOTE: PACKAGES 1 - 5 can be upgraded with an 18 ft. Lund Boat, New Yamaha 50HP 4 Stroke motor, locator, live well, padded swivel seats, casting deck with Bow mount trolling motor and storage compartments.

Details :

  • Single Pro-Staff Guide dates available upon request at current rate.
  • Any number of days may be pro-rated to fit your schedule and a package tailor made for you.
  • Also, kids under 5 come for free, kids under 10 get 50% off, and kids under 16 get 30% off.
  • All prices are quoted in USD.
  • Special rates available for larger groups!
  • Bring your own boat and enjoy free boat dockage, staff services, electric hookup, remote lake boat use all at no charge.

Plan Rates :

  • $325.00 USD
    Per week, per boat
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DAILY FLY-INS to one of over 28 Remote Lakes

Details :

Experience a mid-week fly-in for a change of pace and adventure. Get picked up after an early breakfast by experienced pilots and fly in a Beaver or Otter 30 to 70 miles to your own lake for the day. Lakes will have boats, motors, gas. You will be briefed and outfitted with detailed maps, and all equipment needed. You will be back in the comfort of your cabin and the lodge for supper. Walleyes, pike, bass, trout, muskies, just let us know what you want to fish for and we’ll get you there!

Plan Rates :

  • $280.00 – $325.00 USD
    per person
    (dependent on distance and # of guests flying)
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Check-In and Deposits

Saturday Check-In: 3 PM or Later 4-5 day packages: Check-In Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Details :

  • All prices in USD.
  • Taxes are extra, 1/2 refundable.
  • No refunds for early departures.
  • Gas and bait allocated in packages are deducted from all usage including guide dates.
  • Guests are responsible for damage to boats, motors, and equipment – optional insurance policy available.
  • $200.00 USD deposit per person, per reservation.
  • $50.00 USD deposit for Guide Dates and Fly-Ins.
  • $600.00 USD deposit per person for Hunts, $1000 USD by August 1st with the balance due upon arrival.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and may be used at a later date of the same season or transferred to new party booking of the same season. Deposit may be transferred to following year if we can rebook your previous booking.

We reserve the right to add surcharges due to dramatic increases in supply prices or exchange rates.

Plan Rates :

MasterCard, VISA, Traveler’s Checks, Cash or
Certified Checks for final payment accepted.
(Personal Checks accepted upon prior arrangement)

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